Hear From Our Amazing Customers

Alice Carpenter

I have been using this maid service for 16 years.  They are professional, friendly, and very dependable.  Their prices are fair and competitive.  Whatever your house cleaning needs are, Peachy Clean can do the job!  

Jenny Phillips

Heather and her crew do a tremendous job cleaning our home each week. We can always trust that everything will be done to our satisfaction and they have been very nice working around our busy schedule.

Kathy Jones

Now I can relax on the weekends instead of spending my time cleaning house.  Love yall!

Really pleased with the initial cleaning!  Much better than other services, team 9.  Thank you for your hard work!

Trina Jordan

Team 9 at Peachy Clean has really shown us how much they care about the job that they do.  They all 3 work so hard I can tell and they truly take pride in their work.  I can not thank you ladies enough for giving me the time to relax with my family and not have to spend my free time cleaning my home. Yall are awesome!

Dianne R

Team 9 at Peachy Clean has finally gotten my hardwood floors clean. I use to spend two hours every weekend getting my hardwoods clean.  Other services have not been able to provide this for me like Peachy Clean does.  I would recommend them to anyone!  Thank you and God Bless you gals!

June M

This is the first time I had anyone come out and do as thorough job as they did.  I cant believe the job they did.  They came in with very long brushes to clean in the hard to reach areas.  They have been very careful with any breakage.  I always feel really good when I come back home to a clean house. If you hire them, you will also be well pleased!